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Sun And The Moon Signs In Astrology

Moon Signs in Astrology and their comparison with Sun Signs
sun and the moon

Moon signs or sun signs - which are more important?

Recent research by Dorian Greenbaum (Temperament - Astrology's Forgotten Key) has indicated that the moon sign in the birth chart is much more significant than the sun sign in showing temperament. So one could describe the home-loving emotionally supportive qualities of the Sun in Cancer, but if the Moon is in Gemini in the same birth chart that person may want to stay distant from emotionally dependent people.

So let's have a brief look at the Moon in the zodiac signs and see how it compares with the Sun in the same signs.


Moon in Aries Fiery, proactive and impatient. Discontent unless in charge. A woman may choose weaker men to make sure she is in charge and then get impatient with their wimpishness! Spontaneous, straightforward (can't understand the complications others may find in a situation).

The Sun in Aries needs to work towards what the Moon instinctively embraces and will exercise will power to bring it about, hence is more likely to successfully display these qualities over time. More About Aries Star Sign →


Moon in Taurus Enjoys the physical world to the full and for its own sake. Wants to prolong sexual encounters so as to enjoy the sensuality. Takes refuge in sensual enjoyment (good food, wine and sex) if difficulties elsewhere. Needs stability and loyalty.

The Sun in Taurus needs to manifest what the Moon instinctively needs - perseverance, stability, down to earth common sense. More About Taurus Star Sign →


Moon in Gemini Restless unless in constant communication, receiving and passing on information about anything whether useful or not. Inclined to avoid deeper feelings by mentally analyzing them.

The Sun in Gemini has a mission to be the nervous system of the human race, to gather information then pass it on to the appropriate place. More About Gemini Star Sign →


Moon in Cancer Needs a place to belong as to a family and tries to find it according to its house position in the birth chart. Once found is very content and will give emotional support to anyone needing it.

The Sun in Cancer needs to allow for emotional sensitivities and its desire to belong on its way to its goal. Reaches goals indirectly and can learn more that way than by the direct approach. More About Cancer Star Sign →


Moon in Leo Sunny disposition, often flamboyant attitude with a need for recognition. Goes for luxury rather than value for money.

The Sun in Leo also needs recognition and is more willing to earn it. Seeks a leadership role and will radiate warmth from it. May try to enforce superiority when admiration from others is lacking. More About Leo Star Sign →


Moon in Virgo Sensual like Taurus but restless unless the experience is seen to be useful, so, for instance, food has to be healthy as well as enjoyable.

The Sun in Virgo seeks to create order out of chaos and then to make the ordered world serviceable, so can provide good support to an inspired leader who has no sense of order. More About Virgo Star Sign →


Moon in Libra Seeks and idealizes relationship but often ill-equipped to deal with emotional complications therein. Needs a beautiful environment.

The Sun in Libra has a mission to create harmony, to engage in strategies that will encourage it. Diplomatic, but may hold back from asserting own requirements enough to produce the best result. More About Libra Star Sign →


Moon in Scorpio Needs such a powerful emotional connection with others that it can try to manipulate and control them in order to get it. Can give great spiritual strength if able to take charge of this need to stop it dominating.

The Sun in Scorpio has a mission to penetrate beneath what the senses perceive to reach life's deeper meaning. The best relationship has passion and intensity - compare the idealism of Libra. More About Scorpio Star Sign →


Moon in Sagittarius Needs the freedom to explore, whether ideas, knowledge or by travel to the farthest reaches of the globe. Will be restless if commitment involves curtailment of this freedom.

The Sun in Sagittarius has a mission to explore the higher purpose behind the physical world and to seek justice therein according to those higher principles. More About Sagittarius Star Sign →


Moon in Capricorn Keen to take on responsibilities and can be very supportive, but often oblivious to its own needs or guilty about satisfying them and this can detract from what it has to offer. Takes refuge in work when life is tough.

The Sun in Capricorn has a mission to find a place within the social order and succeed therein. Once its environment is trusted it can be very responsible therein, sometimes with too strong a sense of duty for its own good. More About Capricorn Star Sign →


Moon in Aquarius Idealistic, prone to 'isms' and takes refuge in them when the realities of life, especially emotional complications therein, become oppressive. A good friend provided it can keep clear of quagmire.

The Sun in Aquarius has a mission to reach beyond Capricorn's concern with the material world to the principles that underlie it. A great believer in the brotherhood of man, but may find it hard to value individual human beings. More About Aquarius Star Sign →


Moon in Pisces Instinctively seeks harmony with the infinity beyond the limitations of the physical world which it may try to escape. Capable of great empathy with victims - or may be a victim itself.

The Sun in Pisces has a mission to point to the infinite within the constraints of material life, to witness to the spiritual within the physical, and to develop empathy with those who suffer the loss of their connection with paradise. More About Pisces Star Sign →


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