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Planets In Astrology

You are much more than your Sun Sign!

Planets in your birth chart? The emphasis on Sun signs in newspaper columns may lead many to think there is nothing else worth looking at. Think again! The Moon in your chart may be much more prominent than the Sun. Expressing what the Sun symbolizes in your birth chart, which must be done in order to live a full life in the world, then becomes an issue. The Moon may be good for a comfortable feeling at home with family, but for making our way in the world the Sun is more important. Then consider also Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The positions of all these planets in the birth chart provide clues as to how best to live in the world, what issues we are likely to face and how best to deal with them.

The planets have been likened to actors on a stage. In the drama they are performing some actors may help others, some may hinder others. So it is with the planets in our birth charts. Each is like a center of energy which blends in different ways with the other centers. The task of the astrologer is to help the client find ways to encourage those planets which might be hiding from stronger forces, and to temper those which might be attempting to take over the whole horoscope.

Here are some pages for each planet, describing its characteristics from an astrological point of view.

The Sun - The Planet of the inner self

The Sun is the main focus in the solar system - it is the centre point which all other planets and other bodies revolve around. Sun in Astrology influences and shows the real person, the underlying temperament that exists all through a person’s life...

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The Moon - The Planet of the emotions

The Moon is not a planet, but a luminary, a celestial body in the sky, which exerts a strong influence on the person. Moon in Astrology represents the emotions, instinct, and the various phases of a person’s moods and feelings...

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Mercury - The Planet of communication

Mercury is named after the ancient Roman Messenger God, who was light-footed and fast, as he had wings as feet. He ruled communication, was clever with speech and invented music, mathematics and astronomy...

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Venus - The Planet of love

Venus, in ancient Roman mythology, symbolised the Goddess of Love, who was renowned to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Both mortals and Gods were attracted to Venus' famous beauty and her love of life. The Goddess Venus was synonymous with beauty...

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Mars - Planet of (sexual) energy

Mars is named after the ancient Roman God of War. Mars looks red when viewed through a telescope and naming it after Mars is apt. Mars is the planet that rules energy, competitiveness to succeed, action, passion, sexuality and force...

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Jupiter - The Planet of luck

Jupiter is named after the ancient Roman King of the Gods as this planet is the largest one in the solar system. Jupiter was an all-powerful and benign God who symbolized honor, faith and wisdom. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, optimism, success and joy...

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Saturn - The Planet of restriction

Saturn is named after the ancient Roman Titan-God who was the father of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Saturn was also a symbol for time, as he brought about the end of all beginnings. Saturn is the planet of discipline, restriction, self-control and diligence...

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Uranus - The Planet of unpredictability

Uranus was finally named for the ancient Roman God of the Sky, the first ruler of the universe. Uranus is the planet of the future, science, invention and revolution. It is concerned with humanitarian pursuits and humanity as a whole...

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Neptune - The Planet of spirituality

Neptune is named after the ancient Roman God of the Sea, who ruled the oceans, seas, streams, lakes and other watery domains as well as everything hidden under the water.Neptune is the planet of idealism and spirituality...

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Pluto - The Planet of the unknown

Pluto is the ancient Roman God of the Underworld, of the physical and spiritual underworld and death. Pluto is a planet of major power, that is not yet really fully understood. Pluto was so named by modern astronomers to be in line with the rest...

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