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Venus - Planets In Astrology

Venus Sign in your Horoscope - The Planet of Love

Venus - Love, Lust and Feeling Good!

Botticelli's painting 'Venus and Mars' describes much of what I think about these two planets, reflecting as it appears to do the Venus Mars combination in Taurus with in my own birth chart. They just have finished making sensuous love and are obviously in the territory of Venus. As Venus is calm and with overall responsibility of the situation, along with Mars while overtaken with his sleep. The Goddess of Love has overpowered the God of War. The obstacle is, we need some of the insistent assets of Mars if we want to make our way out in this world. A horoscope ruled by Venus be able to indicate somebody with great abilities in relationship, a love of beauty and harmony, and a diplomatic caring nature. But this same individual might express great effort when it comes to obtaining a fruitful professional life.

Ares (Mars) was just one of the lovers Aphrodite (Venus) took after being forced to marry the lame craftsman Hephaestus (Vulcan). She is independent in that she gives herself, after seduction if necessary, to any whom she desires, not to any who wants or needs her. Venus represents that side of us that seeks relationship to provide a mirror in which to see a reflection of ourselves. We are missing something necessary, and we fall in love with someone who shows it to us simply by acting as a mirror. We then feel better about ourselves. For Venus, relationships are not ends in themselves, but paths to greater self-definition.

The other great relationship factor in the birth chart, the Moon, looks for something quite different. The Moon is more concerned with family values, maternal care and nourishment than self-definition and fulfillment. Where Venus and the Moon are in conflict in the chart, we may have the scenario where one lives with one's spouse and family (the Moon) while having a secret (or maybe not so secret) lover on the side (Venus). It feels like fulfillment is impossible without both, yet the situation may be accompanied by great anguish. Fortunately, the astrology may show a way of living a fulfilled life without putting at risk our cherished relationships.

More About Venus

The Venus Symbol

Venus, in ancient Roman mythology, symbolised the Goddess of Love, who was renowned to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Both mortals and Gods were attracted to Venus' famous beauty and her love of life. The Goddess Venus was synonymous with beauty and the sensual pleasures of life - food, love, sex, music and the arts.

The ancient Romans named the planets in honour of their Gods and Goddess and so the planet Venus was named in honour of the ancient Goddess because it was the brightest planet visible in the night sky - a shining light, much as the Goddess Venus was thought of too

Basically Venus represents:

  • Art and culture
  • Beauty
  • Good taste
  • Partners
  • Possessions

Interesting Bits:

  • Symbolises: Social behaviour, values.
  • Rules: Taurus, Libra
  • Exaltation: Pisces
  • Detriment: Scorpio, Aries
  • Fall: Virgo
  • Part of Body Ruled By Venus: Throat, chin, cheeks, taste, kidneys, ovaries, reproductive system, circulation, senses .

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