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The Sun - Planets In Astrology

Sun Sign in your Horoscope - Planet of the inner self
The Sun

Let the Sun in your Birth Chart radiate its warmth!

If the Sun in your birth chart is allowed to shine in all its splendor, the difficulties shown in it are usually less problematic. Just as it is the center of the solar system and everything depends on it, so symbolically it is the center of the self in the birth chart. However it was not always perceived like this. The practice of astrology predates the discovery that the planets revolve around the Sun by thousands of years. Prior to this discovery the Sun, though still treated as a major factor, it was otherwise regarded as another planet. If Leo is rising in the chart, then the Sun, as ruler of Leo, is particularly significant. If another sign is rising, then the planet that rules that sign is especially important in the horoscope, yet the Sun still retains its symbolic significance.

A well-placed Sun in the horoscope usually shows a good direction in life from an early age, with well-defined goals and success in achieving them. If the Sun is poorly placed there may be more emphasis on the Moon, which will lead to your safety and security needs, valid though they are, being a primary factor in finding a path through life. The interplay between Sun and Moon is that between purpose and need. If the Sun is weak, need is emphasized. If the Moon is weak, purpose is emphasized. This can indicate a weakened character, since the pursuit of your goals without recognition of your needs can lead you astray.

A particular difficulty can arise if the Sun is prominently placed in the horoscope, but it is hindered due to a problematic relationship with other planets. This suggests a person who has a strong presence which others find irresistible even though they may not like it! The other planets represent issues that will require some effort to resolve, but the effort will be worthwhile. The presence which others will see will be more welcome since it will be clear that you have experienced and understand hardship, and can therefore be an guide to others going through difficulties in their own lives.

More about The Sun

The Sun Symbol

The Sun is the main focus in the solar system - it is the center point which all other planets and other bodies revolve around.

Sun in Astrology influences and shows the real person, the underlying temperament that exists all through a person’s life. The Sun, while an important luminary in a person's chart, it is not the only major influencing factor.

Basically Sun represents:

  • Authority
  • Leadership
  • Masculine principle
  • Success

Interesting Bits:

  • Symbolises: Inner self and ego.
  • Rules: Leo
  • Exaltation: Aries
  • Detriment: Aquarius
  • Fall: Libra
  • Part of Body Ruled By The Sun: Heart, upper back, spleen, circulatory system, sperm, eyes.

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