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What is the Zodiac and 100% Astrology?

Zodiac and 100% Astrology

In ancient times the first Astrologers would get their information by looking up at the sky. And while a star-gazer does not see the entire sky at one time, they do see the actual planets and where they are in relation to the rest of the fixed sky.

Somewhere along the line the ancient Greeks figured out a way to make a MAP of the planets in the sky by using a wheel with the earth at the center. These maps were called Horoscopes or The Zodiac. To put it simply the Zodiac is the Horoscope wheel and the signs on that wheel. This was great at the time, because it allowed Astrologers to see what the stars were doing - even in bad weather conditions. But there was one problem with this, these maps were 2 dimensional, while the actual sky is 3 dimensional. But Horoscopes, or the Zodiac became extremely popular. So popular in fact, that it wasn’t long before people forgot to look at the sky altogether when consulting Astrology.

They lost crucial information at that time however, and it still hasn’t been returned to it’s place in the world of Astrology. The information that was lost was the declination or if you prefer the elevation of a planet in relation to the equator of the Earth. This elevation is responsible for many things including the Winter and Summer Solstices and the Fall and Spring equinox’s.

There is a debatable phenomenon that I will be holding an experiment about on the September 22nd (Pacific Time) Equinox. We will test the theory that an egg can be balanced on end during the Equinox. As of today, both Lennie and I have tried to balance eggs on end with no success. I have succeeded before - easily I might add - during an Equinox. While there were witnesses to that Equinox balancing (one who was very skeptical too) that just isn’t good enough. So we will film our experiment to see if it can be done, and if there is a difference before or after the actual Equinox. I will add, that when I balanced my egg before, I was able to balance every egg in my cousin’s refrigerator on a wide variety of surfaces. I then went home and balanced every egg in my own refrigerator on my kitchen counter. I even left one standing there overnight. When I came down in the morning it had fallen over and broken on the floor. So, let’s see what happens. Sign up in the blue box at the bottom of the page to be updated on this experiment. And please, try it yourself. Take an egg and see what you can and can’t do with it. There’s no better proof than that. All I ask is that you refrain from making a decision until all the research has been collected. Stay tuned, I will post the results here on my blog.

When I use the whole sky in my Astrology, I am able to see important things, like when two planets (like Jupiter and Venus) eclipse each other - an extremely powerful phenomenon. Most of us would have to go back to looking at the sky in order to get this missing information, but thanks to the magic of modern computers I can give you the whole picture when I read your chart, and in my discussions and Horoscope columns. It is truly 100% Astrology - leaving nothing out. Remember, don’t leave the eggs out of your cakes, and don’t leave the sky out of your Astrology.


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