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Hey good-looking What’s your Sign Look Like?


In my years of research on signs and charts, I have noticed some trends in the signs and how they look. Here are a few of my observations. Pisces is pretty easy to spot, I have noticed they often have very watery eyes (often very rounded) and a pouty wet looking mouth.

Angelina Jolie has a lot of prominent water in her chart – especially Scorpio. She has that look. Cancer likes to retain water or be in it – they often have soft curvy figures. Some Cancer’s are very angular and have the ‘Crescent Moon’ face, but it still looks like the Moon and the skin is often luminous and glowing – especially after dark.

Scorpio is sexy – even when they’re not classically good looking. They usually have that piercing ‘I can see through your clothes’ gaze that melts the pants off of their chosen conquest. Curly hair is common, and often dark. But, then with colored hair being as common as it is – drama is usually the favorite Scorpio choice in color and style.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces usually have a softness about them and a woman with a water Moon needs to be very careful about what she wears. If she shows skin or wears a body hugging style, or nude toned clothing men will think she is naked. That’s great on stage or in a strip club – but often a young girl won’t understand the reaction she’s provoking. Perhaps this is why nuns (a very Piscean profession) are dressed from head to toe in black.

Every Aries I know (and I know tons of them) really tends to bash the hell out of their heads – especially the men. It’s not just a cliche – it’s almost predictable and pretty comical, as long as they aren’t drawing blood or giving themselves a concussion. They also like hats (or walk as if they are wearing one even if they aren’t) or wear their hair with a certain ‘crowning glory’ sort of pride (or they are upset if it is thinning).

The hair pride is something that is shared with Leo. All the fire signs: Leo, Sag and Aries can be pretty flamboyant in their dress and choice of (usually warm or hot) colors. There is also that prominent arched eyebrow attaching to the nose which creates that Aries ram symbol on the face, and they often have strong teeth. Sometimes perfect, but not always – just very strong looking.

Also with Sagittarius, I notice that they often have a very long torso with shorter legs – like the proverbial centaur that is their symbol. Sag can be very, very athletic, but ironically they are often very clumsy and knock things over a lot too. They have a physical stance that is sometimes a bit comical and off-center looking – or as if they are about to run for the nearest exit at any moment. Always with a twinkle of amusement in the eye though.

Leo likes to get attention. They like to look like rock stars and want you to stand in awe of them – so most of them really make an entrance. Even the shy ones will have some standout quality. Like the proverbial king of the jungle, the lion dresses like royalty: the bigger the gemstones, the better. Leo is not often shy about being loud, cracking a joke, holding court and generally having a solar system revolve around them.

Capricorn is the opposite of Sag; long legs, short torso, angular features, and a serious expression. A complete shift in the center of gravity from one sign to the next. Earth is stable looking usually – especially Taurus who tends to a sturdy muscular build (just like their opposite, Scorpio). Earth signs:Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn often like muted earthy colors as well.

Virgo rules tailoring, so you can often find them in interesting cuts of clothing and style. Virgo likes to cultivate a healthy, comfortable approachable style – like a favorite t-shirt (but with a really great cut and shape to it). Warm and clean is how they usually like to look. They can be fashion critics too. Taurus cultivates beauty and all the pampering, sensual delights (and tortures) that go along with it. Taurus is attracted to luxurious, opulent fabrics – cashmere, silk, velvet and they often have the most classically beautiful, symmetrical features of the Zodiac. Many have wavy hair and their heavy lidded bedroom eyes broadcast a lazy sensuality.

You will often see Capricorns displaying a favorite status symbol or accomplishment prominently for all to admire. They like to be linked to their achievements. Capricorns can sometimes be accused of never loosening their tie, you will rarely catch them looking rumpled or disheveled; impeccable is more like it. But we all envy them when they get older and look like they are growing younger every day. If they have lived well, they learn to lighten up later in life – which cuts down on the wrinkles.

Gemini’s often (but not always) have an and rogenous look to them – pretty girlish boys and girls who look like young boys. Aquarius has a devilish twinkle in their eye, like Dennis the Menace dressed in his church clothes. They can also be so distracted that they literally look like the ‘mad scientist’ that somebody just dragged out of the basement. Or else they go for the alien raver look – neon tennis shoes and silver duct tape holding the clothes together. All the air signs have a tendency to play with gender roles in dress and demeanor. This runs the gamut from full blown cross-dressing to girls with spiky boy hairdo’s and boys with long flowing "Breck Girl" locks. And air signs often like sparkly stuff – especially when they are young.

Libra’s are often dashing and charming dressers, the women love to accent their waist and Libra’s usually know how to flirt until you roll over and give them anything they want. They can also be eccentric and fond of costumes. I know a Libra man who is 6’8″ and about 240 lbs. I went to a party he threw and he put on a performance in his back yard twirling fire and wearing a tye-dyed dress. That was not a sight I will soon forget!


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