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The Influence Of The Stars

Stars And Astrology

The stars and their influence upon us have fascinated civilizations for thousands of years, and still do so today. When we open the paper in the morning, don’t we secretly take a look at the horoscope for that day? Aren’t we tempted to call the astrologist when we stumble upon a paranormal program on TV? Aren’t there moments in our lives when we would like to find out what the future holds for us?

The stars might provide some answers on how to live our lives a better way. However, astrology is a controversial science. Should we believe everything we read in a horoscope, when there is no scientific basis for it?

A pseudo-science?

You have heard it before: the science of the stars is not a real science. Obstinate scientists remind us of this every day. However, astrology has proven to be just as obstinate: it’s everywhere. Many people claim not to believe in it, but when a relationship goes wrong, they explain it through the difference in zodiac signs. It is true that what astrology professes hasn’t been proved. However, a science that has existed longer than physics or biology should give us pause. It is not because we don’t understand something that it isn’t real. Most of us use computers: do we all understand how those work? No, but we do use them nonetheless.

Maybe someday in the future astrology will be proven to be reliable on a scientific basis. For the moment, let us consider that our bodies consist for 70 % of water. Now, if the moon can make the tides change, doesn’t that influence our bodies at all?

Understanding ourselves

At the moment we are born, the stars and planets are set a certain way in space. This influences our bodies and our brains, and thus our minds and personality. Of course, personality is also influenced by education and genes, but some part of our impulses might just come from the stars. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? It might not predict what we will do, but if we are aware of it, we might perceive the reasons for our actions in a clearer light. And isn’t learning more about ourselves one of our greatest pursuits?


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